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About Us

Bill Hansen Luxe is the result of demonstrating excellence in all aspects of event design and production, working with all types of personalities and cultures. Our Luxe events are intimately personalized and draw from an overall concept or feeling. From conception to ‘go-time’, our team plans every detail of blended flavors, smells, presentation and flow to bring to life a spectacular occasion. Our Luxe parties are by design, moments of anticipation and bliss.

Custom-Tailored Events & Catering

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Our team believes the cuisine at your event should be a show-stopper. The freshest ingredients, meticulous preparation, and immaculate presentation — we don't just cater food; we cater to our client's every wish, desire, and exquisite taste. We promise our provisions will provide a sensual experience for the most discerning guests. Every course is carefully crafted to offer a unique blend of savory flavors with a bold presentation that expresses the unique theme and individuality of our client's celebration. 

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Our expertise and wisdom in ostentatious event planning reach far beyond simply providing a list of venues in the area. With decades of experience and deep relationships with the most affluent members and property owners of the populace, we furnish clients with an exclusive list of corps d’elite properties from which to choose. Many of which are not available to the general public. Local builders rely on our team for insight and design assistance during the pre-construction phase to ensure their execution will result in the most desirable location for premier events.

Bar & Beverage

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The clink of ice, the allure of smoke and the taste of zest. Our full-service bar experience brings endless joy to any occasion. Your guests will want to partake in our expertly fashioned cocktails, delivered with a fun and exciting presentation. Let us design your signature drink. Our crew of seasoned spirits will uncover the perfect blend of sweet, salty and sour to create the drink that will inspire toasts. Let the story-telling begin.

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Your Event Is the Most Important One

Ensure it is executed that way with the professionalism and intuition of our experienced team.

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